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Resident proxies are proxies that have IP addresses that belong to real users (residents) and physical addresses. This means that the IP addresses of these proxies are not tied to data centres or server farms, but instead are associated with real people and places of residence.

Resident proxies are used for a variety of purposes, such as anonymising internet connections, bypassing geographic restrictions (e.g. to access content only available in certain countries),website scraping, and to conduct activities that may be closer to the user's true activity.

Some companies and individuals use resident proxies to avoid having their IP addresses blocked, which can occur due to frequent activity or IP address-level restrictions. However, it is important to remember that using a proxy for illegal or criminal activities may have legal consequences.

Before using resident proxies, you should carefully study the laws and rules of Internet use in your country or region, as well as the terms of service of the Internet services you intend to use, to avoid possible problems.

Resident proxies are an important service in the modern digital age that provides users with many useful features and benefits. In this blog post, we will tell you about the features of resident IPs, as well as the advantages and prices of Stableproxy as a resident proxy service.

Characteristics of a resident IP

A residential IP address is an IP address provided through a regular connection to your home network. Compared to other types of proxies, a residential IP has the following unique features:


A residential IP address is assigned to a device on a permanent basis and remains unchanged for a long time (usually the device owner or service provider must request a change of IP address).


Each resident IP address must be unique within the network to which it is connected to ensure that the device is uniquely identified.


Resident IP addresses are typically static, meaning that they remain the same even after a device is rebooted or disconnected from the network. This makes them useful for certain applications and services, such as website hosting, remote access, and server configuration.


Residential IP addresses are widely used in networks where it is necessary to ensure a stable and reliable connection, as well as to ensure the availability of certain services from outside the network.


Residential IP addresses can usually be more expensive than dynamic IP addresses, and service providers may charge additional fees for their use.

Stableproxy features and price

Stableproxy is a proxy service provider for home users that offers many benefits and features that make it the first choice for many users.

  1. Large-scale IP pool: Stableproxy has a large IP pool covering home IP addresses around the world. This means that users can choose IPs from different geographical locations to meet different needs.
  2. High-speed stability: Stableproxy home IP addresses have a high-speed and stable connection to ensure that users will not experience any delay or interruption in their connection while using it. This is very important for users who need a continuous and stable network connection.
  3. Easy to use: Stableproxy provides an easy-to-use interface and API that allows users to easily manage and monitor their home IP. Even for users with a non-technical background, it can be easy to use.


The price of Stableproxy depends on the user's needs and how they use it. Among the existing proxies, Stableproxy is very affordable, with a resident proxy starting at $0.7 per GB, and they offer a variety of package options to suit the budgets and needs of different users. Visit the official website to learn more about pricing and packages.



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